Escalante & Asociados advises its Clients in the design and implementation of adequate internal policies to prevent the commission of illegal acts by its officers or employees, seeking for a correct functioning of its operational framework. As an effort of the Mexico´s federal government to strengthen the state action in the area of ​​prevention and fight against corruption, transparency and accountability, the National Anticorruption System was created and entered into force on 2017, and with it, the General Law of Administrative Responsibilities, which establishes the acts or omissions that may be incurred by both public servants, as individuals (individuals and corporations), such as serious and non-serious administrative offenses, as well as the mechanisms of prevention, correction and investigation of administrative responsibilities. Due to the above, and with the purpose of mitigating the risks of its clients in such matter, the Firm provides services to implement the appropriate internal policies for its correct operation through compliance. Therefore, the Firm´s services consist in the elaboration of policies, manuals, contractual clauses and adequate internal controls, adhering to the policies, criteria and guidelines on anticorruption provided for in our legislation and in accordance with the standards set forth in ISO 37001. For Escalante & Asociados it is very important to provide legal certainty to its clients, so its work aims to avoid possible criminal and administrative responsibilities derived from non-compliance with anti-corruption regulations.

Tax-Exempt Organizations & Fiscal Stimulus 
As part of the objectives and services of Escalante & Asociados in matters of Social Responsibility, the Firm supports its clients to establish civil associations and private assistance institutions, for them to contribute positively to society and support the most disadvantaged sectors. Likewise, the services of the Firm provides its clients with all the necessary tools for the associations or institutions that they create to operate, such as: obtaining the authorization to be tax-exempt; and / or obtaining the Single Registration Key (CLUNI) before the Federal Register of Organizations of the Society (RFOSC), with which they can obtain support from the Federal Public Administration, among others. The Firm has a commitment to the Community, as well as to benefit its customers, for this reason, and as a part of its projects in matters of corporate social responsibility, the Firm seeks that the projects and strategies that it implements in the Companies can benefit them in an economic activity through the fiscal incentives granted by the Federal Government.