The purpose of this Manual is to establish simple and useful measures and policies so that the members of Escalante & Asociados can contribute in reducing the environmental impact of the activities carried out in the day-to-day of the Firm.
All the actions foreseen in this Manual are aimed at generating changes in the organization and, mainly, in the behavior and habits of our members, in order to reduce environmental damage and promote savings and efficient use of resources.

We seek to create, share and foster an environmental culture among the members of Escalante & Asociados and in society.

  1. This Manual governs the actions of all the people that make up Escalante & Asociados in the different areas of work.
1.     At Escalante & Asociados we have portable computing equipment, since the power consumption of these is less than that of desktops.
2.    Once the workday of the members of the different areas of the Firm is over, the lights, printers, computers, and other electrical appliances are turned off.
3.    During extended absences from the workplace, computer equipment and printers are suspended or turned off.
4.    We encourage the use of stairs instead of elevators to access the work places.
5.    The use of natural light is preferred as long as the correct and healthy performance of the activities of the members of the Firm is allowed.
6.    The spotlights will be gradually changed so that they are entirely LED.
Air conditioning systems in unoccupied rooms or during non-working hours should remain off.  
  1. Air conditioning systems in unoccupied rooms or during non-working hours should remain off.  
  2. Make sure that the members of Escalante & Asociados set up the air conditioning equipment so that they operate only during the working hours.

  1. It is preferred, if possible, the electronic presentation of demands and procedures in order to avoid the excessive printing and waste of paper.
  2. Encourage the use of paper only for documents that must be delivered to authorities and customers, preferably using electronic formats and digital media.  
  3. The use of recycled paper for all administrative documentation, review documents for internal purposes of the Firm.  
  4. Avoid printing unnecessary documents, to do so, they must ensure that, prior to printing a document, the relevant changes/corrections have been made to avoid double impressions.  
  5. Use paper on both sides in the photocopying and printing of documents, whenever possible.
  6. Likewise, as far as possible, adjust the texts to fit two pages of a document on a standard sheet, provided it is for internal purposes of the Firm and another form of printing is not necessary.  
  7. All internal documents will be printed reusing paper or, using recycled and double-sided paper.
  8. Reuse all paper that has been printed on one side only to print demands, resources or various documents for review purposes or, if necessary, reuse them as note pads.
  9. Print as a draft to avoid wasting ink.  
  10. Once the paper is no longer useful, deposit it in special baskets for recycling.  
  11.  The mails must contain the caption "At E & A we are committed to the environment care. Print the mail only if necessary. "
1.    It is intended to gradually eliminate the garbage containers from the place of each of the members of the Firm and encourage the use of containers that serve to separate garbage (organic/inorganic).
2.    Collect PET and aluminum waste from the cans of soda on a quarterly basis to take them to the recycling centers.
3.    Quarterly collection of plastic caps from water bottles to carry out to NGOs that support people with the treatment of chemotherapy.
4.    Encourage among the members of the Firm the rule of the 3 R's
• Reduce
• Reuse
• Recycle
Do not waste water during hand washing.
1.    Information campaigns are carried out among the members of the Firm to promote water saving and the environment protection.
2.    Avoid unnecessary water consumption.
3.    Do not throw toilet paper down the toilet.
4.    Do not waste water during hand washing.
1.    Employees are invited to use public transport whenever possible.
2.    We encourage the use of bicycles among our employees, that's why we support them economically to subscribe to bicycle rentals in Mexico City.
1.    The purchase of environmentally friendly cleaning products is sought.  
2.     Each member of the firm will make use of glass cups and glasses, to decrease PET waste.
3.     Each member of the firm will try to avoid the use of straws.  
4.    The use of notebooks and folders made of recycled paper will be procured as much as possible.